Carver TX-2

Carver TX-2
IHF Sensitivity mono/stereo,dBf 1.8uV
Capture ratio,dB 1.0dB
AM Suppression,dB
Alt. ch. sensitivity,dB
Seperation at 1kHz,dB 42dB
THD at 1kHz,stereo 0.2%
Maximum S/N,stereo,dB 74dB
Station presets 16

If you’re tired of having a treat AM and FM as mere background music due to the quality of the signal, you should seriously consider the Carver TX-2. The TX-2’s Asymmetrical Charge-Coupled FM circuit makes stereo FM the sonic equal of phonograph records and good cassettes. Even if the TX-2 didn’t have this special circuit, it would be the rival of any tuner you find on the market today. Sleekly styled and ergonomically designed, it has the features which make tuning, holding and adjusting stations as easy as touching a single button. Not a single knob interrupts the front of the TX-2, for al controls are activated by large, inlaid pressure pads. Touch the power switch and watch the tuning panel come alive. You’ll see a crisp, easy-to-read digital tuning read-out. Automatic scanning and 16-preset memory. Press AUTO, then touch the UP or DOWN button and watch the TX-2 search the dial for strong stations. The LOCKED light will indicate perfect tuning. If it’s one of your favorites, just enter it on the eight pre-sets push buttons. The LED above the button will light, so you can remember its position. Continue until you’ve picked eight FM stations. That’s probably more than you listen to right now. Because you probably can’t GET eight perfect FM signals right now. With the TX-2, you probably can. That under-powered bull well-programmed college station. The FM station behind the hill you could never tune just right … they’re all waiting to become presets on the TX-2. Manual tuning and superb AM, too. The Asymmetrical Charge-Coupled circuit does more than just clear away the hash caused by multi-path distortion. It also lets you tune distant stations using the MANUAL control. Find a fascination but faint signal buried in the background hiss? The Tx-2’s circuitry goes to work. Like a curtain rising, the annoying hiss falls way, leaving a clear signal, an accurate and well-modulated as stronger, local stations. How about AM? You probably don’t listen because the quality has been so low. You’ll be surprised just how good many stations sound when received through the TX-2. That’s why we give you eight AM presets! Most tuners and receivers treat AM like a poor afterthought with only token investment made in circuitry. The TX-2 uses components and design as good as those in its FM section, cutting distortion to below 1% for a crystal clear signal. Everything you need to make broadcast part of your listening experience. From the six-stage signal strength indicator to 75 and 300-ohm inputs, the TX-2 gives you everything you need to clean up AM and FM stations acts. We even provide an easy-to-read manual written like a textbook on how to get the best reception through antenna selection and placement. Whether you live in a rural area where the FM signals you really like have been too far away or in a crowded urban sculpture of sky-scrapers, high rises and factories which deflect FM like mirrors, the TX-2 represents an opportunity to enlarge your listening horizons. The TX-2 has also been designed to function as a superb companion to the Carver C-2 preamplifier and the Carver M-200t Magnetic Field Power Amplifier. Visit your nearest Carver dealer for a personal audition of the Carver TX-2.