Carver CT-6

Carver CT-6
IHF Sensitivity mono/stereo,dBf 14.3
Capture ratio,dB 1.9
AM Suppression,dB 62
Alt. ch. sensitivity,dB 72
Seperation at 1kHz,dB 46
THD at 1kHz,stereo 0.25%
Maximum S/N,stereo,dB 74
Station presets 20
Comments Preamp/tuner
PRO-PHILE" Series Ultra-Thin Preamplifier/Tuner with Sonic Holography and ACCD. Just 1 3/4 inches tall, yet it's a fully featured preamplifier and tuner that provides extraordinary performance in any audio installation. 28-button remote control. 20 random AM/FM station presets. Asymmetrical Charge-Coupled FM Detection circuitry for crystal clear reception. FM mono. Preset scan. Auto scan/manual tuning. 3-level signal strength indicator. Sonic Hologram Generator for true 3-dimensional sound. 6 audio inputs. Dual tape monitors IN/dubbing. Bass/treble and loudness equalization. Balance control. Motorized volume control. 4 AC convenience outlets. Headphone jack.