Platinum Edition

Posted by Mark
Anechoic Frequency Response: 23 – 40kHz +- 3dB
Ribbon Driver 60-inch full range
Woofer 4 specially designed 12-inch long excursion subwoofers
Recommended Power 800 watt power handling
Sound Pressure Level 121 dBa maximum
Dimensions 30 x 66 x 10

Available in natural oiled Oak veneer or piano-lacquer black finishes.

Amazing Loudspeaker Planar/Ribbon technology. The silver and platinum edition amazing loudspeaker’s are pure, uninterrupted line sources of proprietary ribbon drivers, edge-mounted in a specially shaped trapezoidal panel with a phalanx of state-of-the-art low mass subwoofer drivers delivering solid bass support. The infinitely detailed, electrostatic-like high end, pure mid range and sonorous high bass have a coherency and immediacy which is at once musical and yet totally transparent and uncolored. Yet at the same time, a remarkable un-enclosed subwoofer system produces stunningly tight low bass — without a trace of the resonant boom normal enclosures can produce.

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Comments on 'Platinum Edition' (2)

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve decided to sell my Carver TFM-75 amp and my Platinum Amazing Loudspeakers (Oak Finish). The amp & speakers have less than 20 hours on them and are in very good condition. I’d like to get fair market value for them but, I’m not sure what that would be these days. I’d be more than happy to send pictures or answer any questions that you might have. Thanks – Chris

  2. Ken says:

    Can you tell me the serial number on your amazings.

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