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Carver AL-III

Anechoic Frequency Response: 34 Hz to 20 kHz +- 3dB
Impedance Nominal 4 ohms
Sensitivity 86 dB ref. to 1 watt at 1 meter
Crossover 150 Hz
Ribbon Driver 48-inch dipole ribbon
Woofer 10-inch Quasi-butterworth 3rd order aligned woofer system, which fires downward in a circular pattern.
Recommended Power Up to 575 watts per channel; 65 watts minimum, 8 ohms rated.
Net Weight 80 lbs. each
Dimensions 14.5Wx16.5Dx72.5H

Carver is world-renowned as an innovative audio company. It’s not surprising, then, that Carver took a bold departure from conventional thinking when designing the AL-III loudspeaker.

The results of Carver’s creative habits are likely to forever change your assumptions about what a high-performance, moderately priced loudspeaker system can and should be. You will experience breathtaking transparency, precise imaging, vivid detail, and a sense of depth and spa-ciousness never before heard outside the concert hall.

External appearance tells you the AL-III is not merely another reworking of time-worn, cone-and-dome designs. Instead. virtually all the music is reproduced by a single, 48-inch. full-range ribbon driver. (Only the lowest bass octaves are handled by the single, downward-firing woofer.) This elegantly simple solution eliminates the crossover distortions, phase anomalies, and box colorations inherent in most conventional designs.

Because the AL-III is a dipolar transducer, with sound radiating to front and rear, the overall sonic effect is astonishingly realistic. Each instrument is heard as if etched in space, stable and precisely defined, with a surrounding acoustic ambience of uncanny width and depth.

Here’s one reviewer’s impression of the AL-III’s astonishing openness: “It is a very addictive quality-difficult to describe, but once experienced, Never forgotten!” This addiction, rest assured, is both affordable and harmless to your health.

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Comments on 'AL-III' (4)

  1. Marshall Hall says:

    I purchased a pr of AL-III’s via e-bay some two years ago. They arrived completely destroyed. I fought UPS for my refund & to keep the speakers. I then disassembled them carefully & by all appearances all the components are in fine condition. I want to build a set of speakers from these in a Carver / Gilmore open baffle configuration – but – I cannot locate a wiring diagram anywhere. I have the owners manual which is no help. I need to know how to wire the ribbon, woofer & crossover. I need a shop/repair manual – can you help?

  2. steven says:

    I own a pair and could take photos of inards if helpfull

  3. walt says:

    wire them in the same manner that you found them.

  4. Kostas says:

    Hi I am interested about the speaker Al-III. I want to buy only the ribbo. Is it possible to do that? If yes how much it costs. Finally would you be able to post it to Greece (EU)


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