Carver Speakers

Posted by Mark

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  1. Gary says:

    You should post information about the Original ALS, Silver, and Platinum models as well. You can find further information at the websites I posted.

  2. Mark says:

    I think I have the info but haven’t posted it yet. I’ll do it shortly.

  3. ron hicks says:

    does anyone know of a dave saughter(i think thats how u spell his name) who was certified by carver long ago to repair carver amazing ribbons as i now have {6} speakers for use in home theater two in need of repair plus i heard he was close to me in sarasota- bradenton florida area.he floats between florida and new york thx. i can be reached @

  4. mack_901 says:

    Do you have any ribbon woofers that carver uses to make, thoes were great….

  5. troy says:

    any one know where i can find 60 inch ribbons for carver speakers

  6. Le says:

    For ribbons and repair check in over at That’s where you’ll find Dave.

  7. ben g says:

    I have a pair of excellent 48″ oak carver ribbon speakers for sale. I also have a complete matched set of 100 watt Carver component equipment that I purchased with the speakers as a set. Is there a market for this equipment, and how can i find out the value. It is all in excellent conditon and used minimally.

  8. John Jefferis says:

    Ben g: I’m interested in buying the AL111 ribbon speakers. Get in touch at

  9. Dan S says:

    My Carver ct3 preamp got hit with a surge from a lightning strike. Now, it wont power on at all. Anyone know what may have malfunctioned as a result from that surge ? Is it fixable, not likely fixable, fixable but expensive ? if anyone knows anything thing maybe you could instruct me on what action to take. Thanks, Dan.

  10. phil wells says:

    I am considering buying a set of what the seller calls a Carver Cinema 6 speaker set. Looks like one component is active, the rest passive. I cant find anything about this set online. Are you familiar with them?

    Also, didnt Carver make a solid state amp in the 80s that was essentially a transmitter modulated with the audio to be amplified, the carrier then removed before getting to the speakers? If so, can you direct me to an example model of this and/or an article about it?

    Thanks greatly,

    Phil in So. Cal

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