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Carver MXR-150

Amplifier Section
8-ohm FTC rated power/ch 150W
4/8-ohm FTC rated THD 0.05%
Rated full power bandwidth 1Hz to 30kHz +-1dB
Slew Rate >80
Dimensions (HxWxD inches) 5.7″ H, 17.3″ W, 17.9D
Comments Protection: Short Circuit DC Offset Low/High Frequency Trip
Tuner Section
IHF Sensitivity mono/stereo,dBf 1.8uV
Capture ratio,dB 1.5dB
Seperation at 1kHz,dB 42dB
THD at 1kHz,stereo 0.2%
Maximum S/N,stereo,dB 76dB
PreAmp Section
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz + 0.5dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.05%
S/N-IHF A-Weighted 90dB


Meet the original Carver Receiver, the one that has stunned critics and audiophiles with its combination of power, features and finesse.
To give you the RMS watts you need for today’s recording advances plus virtually noise-free stereo FM reception. Carver has designed a receiver with astonishing performance. An instrument designed to make the most of innovations such as stereo/hi-fi video and digital audio discs. An extraordinary synergy of circuitry incorporating two of the high fidelity art’s most advanced technological breakthroughs: Bob Carver’s Magnetic Field Power Amplifier and his Asymmetrical Charge Coupled FM Detector.
With the Carver Receiver you command 150 watts per channel and a fully digital quartz synthesized AM-FM stereo tuner through a highly sophisticated and meticulously engineered pre-amplifier section.
At your fingertips, the comprehensive control of your entire system. On the front panel: control for turntable, video/audio disc player selection, an auxiliary input selector, and two tape input selectors.
Not only can you individually control bass, treble and midrange tone, but the loudness contour as well. And all tone controls can be taken totally out of the preamplifier circuit for ‘flat’ response.
Chose from two sets of speaker outputs, a combination of both or eliminate them entirely for headphone listening through the Carver Receiver’s special headphone amplification circuitry.
Monitor and dub between two sets of tape decks match the meter output range to your listening levels. Even switch to mono to detect speaker and cartridge phasing problems instantly.
Pick up to six FM and six AM stations at the touch of a button without having to tune all over the dial. Even activate a special AM filter circuit to cut hiss and sharpness. All in a compact unit no larger than any other conventional receiver lacking the innovations and human engineering Carver has become famous for.
Consider, there are very few 150 watt-per-channel receivers on the market today. Frankly, no other company has discovered how to make adequate amplifier power as affordable, light, compact and cool to operate as Carver. Their loss is your gain.
Only the Carver Receiver can surmount the inherent problems of sound reproduction which plague lesser powered receivers at all listening levels.
You see, even at modest listening levels your speakers are making peak power demands which cannot be fulfilled with your existing amplifier. Lightning fast transients, combinant crests of demand created by multiple waveforms and high intensity peaks.
Conventional, weaker receivers never deliver enough power, and somewhere, just before each sound pulse is finally formed, it gives out and sends a sort of electronic ‘note of regret’, called clipping. This sharp high end distortion veils the sound terribly, undoing all the accuracy of recording, cartridge and electronics as well as speakers.
At moderate listening levels, you may not have noticed it. Yet when you sonically compare the Carver Receiver to any other receiver in straight A/B comparisons, you’ll INSTANTLY notice the improvement which adequate power makes.
Because it’s patented Magnetic Field Amplifier and ultra sophisticated speaker protection circuitry delivers 150 watts per channel of pure clean power. So you can truly appreciate your favorite music.
Unlike conventional amplifiers which produce a constant high voltage levels at all times, irrespective of the demands of the ever-changing audio signal and indeed even when there is no audio signal in the circuit at all, the Magnetic Field Amplifier’s power supply is signal responsive and highly efficient. It produces exactly and only the power needed to carry the signal with complete accuracy and fidelity.
At all times the Carver Receiver monitors your speakers for conditions that could cause damage, allowing them to cool off long before they reach a state which could be damaging. The same circuits also guard against surges caused by shorts and accidental dropping of the tonearm on a record when the volume is turned up.
These built-in precautions afford you new listening freedom because you don’t have to be afraid of unchain the power of the Carver Receiver. Whether you’re spinning your original copy of Dark Side of the Moon or a state-of-the-art Compact Digital Disc of the 1812 Overture, you can play it at the volume you want without compromising sound quality or your speakers.
The resulting spaciousness, sonic impact and sheer musicality will invigorate your existing speaker’s system, your own ears and those of your friends.
The Carver Receiver also gives you FM stereo performance unmatched by that of any other receiver. As it is transmitted from the station the stereo FM signal is extremely vulnerable to distortion, noise, hiss and multi-path interference. In fact, because of the transmission system in use today, the signal to noise ratio of FM stereo has been degraded fifteen times (more than 23dB!).
However, when you engage Carver’s Asymmetrical Charge Coupled FM Detector circuit, the stereo signal arrives at your ears virtually noise-free. The result is fully separated stereo with space, depth and ambience!
You’ll suddenly pull in stations in surprisingly distant cities and suburbs. Under powered bust interestingly programmed college FM stations will be noise and distortion-free. Stations previously over powered by strong adjacent signals will sound as steady as if they were alone on the dial. Stations which threw intermittent tantrums of intolerable racket will be pacified. The special circuitry can’t make weak stations louder – you’ll have to do that with your volume control – but when you crank up a feeble station it will not be submerged in a sea of hiss and multi-path.
You’ll also appreciate the AM section. Meticulous attention to a very aspect of tuner performance gives you an AM section with true fidelity response. You will not find another receiver with such high performance anywhere.
The Carver Receiver has been designed for serious music listeners who seek fidelity, accuracy and musicality.
We know you will want to visit your nearest Carver dealer for personal audition of this remarkable instrument.

Carver MXR-150 Owners Manual

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  1. Alan Malis says:

    What is the weight of a Carver MXR-150 receiver?

  2. Gary William says:

    The Carver MXR-150 is 150 watts into 8 ohm’s How many ohm’s would that be into 4 ohm’s ?

  3. Josh W. says:

    I have the same question as the above person. How many watt’s is the Carver MXR-150 when used with 4 ohm speakers? 180 or 200 watts? I know it is more than what it is for 8 0hm’s (150 watts per channel). Also is that 150 RMS or maximum? I read that it is RMS power, is that true? Thanks.

  4. Don says:

    I owned on years ago had it driving a pair of Dahlquist DQ12 speakers($1200) and they sounded awesome. beautiful soundstage, tight bass and crisp highs reached amazing voulmes without clipping. Best reciever I ever owned. sold it to a friend and went with Carver separates, still have Carver amp(AV705X) one of the best Home Theater amps I’ve heard. I would say that reciever put out Between 180-200 watts. for a pure two channel music system you can’t go wrong with this reciever!!!

  5. gar biddlingmeier says:

    I have a carver myr-130 where can I get it fix

  6. gar biddlingmeier says:

    I need to have my carver receiver mod MYR-130 repaired. do you know someone who repairs carver receivers.

  7. Hello,

    Do you think this CARVER MX150 has a dual voltage transformer? (110V-220V)
    internal connection

    Thank you for your reply

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