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Carver HTR-880


The HTR-880 is a high performance receiver built to the sonic standards of Carver separates. Its clean function appearance belies the host of features and innovative audio technologies contained within its precision-crafted chassis. In addition to Dolby Pro Logic® surround sound with adjustable delay and four surround modes, the receiver incorporates Carver’s exclusive Power Steering which directs unused power where the audio signal requires it, and SFX-technology which expands the critical rear surround soundstage beyond the confines of the listening room. The five fully discrete bipolar amplifiers provided in pure, uncompromising audio performance from every channel.


• 3 audio inputs, 2 composite video input, 1 composite video output.
• Bass and treble controls.
• Digital synthesis AM/FM tuner section.
• 16 tuner presets.
• SFX and wider rear soundstage.
• Gold plated RCA Jack Connections.
• Remote control.
• Exclusive Power Steering circuitry provides over 50% more power on demand for selected amplifier channels.
• Phone input stage.
• Two AC outlets one switched and one unswitched.
• Removable handles for 17″ cabinet space (with trim caps).
• Motor-driven volume control can be operated from the remote control.
• Designed and built by Carver Corporation in Lynnwood, WA USA.

• Frequency Response: 20-20kHz ±0.5dB.
• S/N MM Phono A-Weighted > 75dB.
• Input Sensitivity for 0.5V 34mV.
• Input Impedance 47K ohms.
• Maximum Input Level 5.5V.
• Output Impedance 1K ohm.
• Maximum Output Level 7V input.
• Sensitivity for 0.5V phono 3.5mV.

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Comments on 'HTR-880' (3)

  1. Rene Vishney says:

    i have a model HTR 880 and would like to connect it to a new plasma TV, that i am thinking of buying. ANY SUGGESTIONS HERE?
    Are the inputs for the 5 channel surround sound digital or analog?
    Any information in connecting this 880 unit to a new plasma TV would be appreciated. What do i have to be aware of that might damage either unit?
    Thanks in advance for your information.

  2. Alan says:

    You’ll have to use rca jacks for audio & video!

  3. Keith Miller says:

    I have an HTR 880 that needs some work, but I need the schematics. Where can I get those?

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