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Amplifier Section
8-ohm FTC rated power/ch 60 W
4-ohm FTC rated power/ch 100 W
2-ohm dynamic power/ch 120 W
4/8-ohm FTC rated THD 0.09 %
Rated full power bandwidth 20-20kHz
S/N-IHF A-Weighted,dB 100
Dimensions (HxWxD inches) 5.25x19x15.5
Comments Stereo receiver
Tuner Section
IHF Sensitivity mono/stereo,dBf 13.5
Capture ratio,dB 2.2
AM Suppression,dB 62
Alt. ch. sensitivity,dB 65
Seperation at 1kHz,dB 45
THD at 1kHz,stereo 0.2 %
Maximum S/N,stereo,dB 78
Station presets 30
Comments Receiver
PreAmp Section
Frequency response 20-20kHz +- 1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion See Amp Section
S/N-IHF A-Weighted See Amp Section
Phono sensitivity for 0.5V@1kHz 3.5
MM Phono Overload mV 120
MM S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. 80
Inputs 6 audio/3 video
Comments Sonic Holography
Remote Control Sonic Holography/ACCD Receiver. 60 watts into 8 ohms. 100 watts into 4 ohms. 6 audio inputs. 3 video inputs. 2 video outputs. Sonic Hologram Generator for true 3-dimensional sound. Asymmetrical Charge-Coupled FM Detection circuitry for crystal clear reception. 30 AM/FM presets. Preset scan and auto/manual tuning. Signal strength indicator. Motorized volume control. A/B speaker selection. Bass/treble tone controls. Balance control. 2 convenience outlets. Headphone jack. 24-button remote control. Function read out on front panel display.

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Comments on 'HR-732' (2)

  1. Hi, I have an HR-732, and I could write a testimonial. Love it, since 1992, However, I am having difficulty, it goes thru the pre-on cycle, but for a loooong time, then when it does finish the pre-on, it shows display etc, but nada. speakers are fine, tried without anything plugged into it, tried other receptacles in the house etc. Seems to have been constantly getting worse over the last year, and now, nada.

    If you have any suggestions, I would prefer to work on it myself, $$$ tight right now. Please email or call +1-812-431-3960
    thanks, Jordan

  2. Dwayne Crouch says:

    Does this unit have any features that are only accessible with the remote? thanks for any information you can offer.

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