Carver Receivers

Posted by Mark

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  1. Kenneth says:


    I have an eighteen year old HR-752 receiver and it works great, except the plastic on/off button broke, so I have to stick my finger inside to active the on/off. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement button and (I think, but I have not taken it apart to verify) the bracket that holds the button? Thanks.


  2. alan lindsay says:

    I own a Carver Receiver 900 and am looking for the control knobs for the MONITOR and DUBBING controls. Can you help please?

  3. C.A. Byrne says:

    I own a Carver Magnetic Field Power Receiver with wood ends, the model number appears to be MXR 130. It lights up when turned on, but does not respond to
    tuning or any other control. The fuse is evidence of having blown out.

    Question: Who is Rhode Is land is authorized to repair a Carver MXR 130?

  4. Tim says:


  5. I am looking for a circuit board for an HR-732 to keep mine from going to parts distribution cemetary.
    Are you parting out any?
    I need YK058J2814
    any help is appreciated.

  6. Stacey Shibley says:

    Hello Ken,

    I saw your ad here about the plastic button for the power switch to turn the unit off and on, I to am having a hard time locating one as I have the same problem. Please let me know if you found one, where and how much.

    Thanks Stacey

  7. Jimdar says:

    I have an AV-505 Five-Channel Power Amplifier & a CT-28v Audio/Video Preamplifier/Tuner with Dolby ProLogic Surround. I still use it and works well. I’m looking for more information about it but can’t find any, including here at teh Carver site.
    Anybody have any lead about them. Thanks, Jimdar

  8. MrAngry says:

    I’ve got an HR-772 receiver I picked up a few years ago, it works great but I don’t have the remote. I figured no problem just need a universal that works right? I know the RH-77 is the unit included when shipped from the factory, but I can’t seem to locate one at a reasonable price, I have a Sony RM-AV2500 I use for everything else, I can’t find a program code to get it to communicate with the Carver, or use the learn feature without a remote that works the Carver, I’d like to know what Carver remotes also work, RH-75 does from what I’ve heard, is there an affordable universal that works at least the power, volume, and input selection? I’d even rent an original(anybody?)if it can teach the Sony AV2500 basics mentioned. Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.

  9. ernie D. baboon says:

    I have a CARVER REMOTE CONTROL RH-88. Can someone tell me what model receiver this goes to?

  10. hans seitz says:

    I have an old Carver HR 772 receiver, when turned on it shuts itself down after a few seconds. Is it worth the repair or should I go for a new one.
    Appreciate your advise
    Hans Seitz

  11. Franz Skryanz says:

    I have a Carver 900, bought in 1985, which has been working great ever since; excellent FM reception with an external 75 ohm antenna. However,the other day – from one evening to the next morning, no more FM reception at all; only the lowest signal strength LED lights up. I bought a new external antenna, still nothing. All other functions – CD player, tape deck, turntable – work fine. I also brought another radio(“boombox”)to the location in the house of the 900, and it worked perfectly on its own without antenna.I live in Dutchess County, NY.
    Greatful for any advice/suggestions/solutions.
    Franz Skryanz

  12. clarence canaan says:

    do any one know the model no. of the remote that came with the reciever model:mxr-130 or a place to search for one.

  13. Dan says:

    I need an on/off button for a Carver HR0752. Any ideas on where I can get one? Thanks

  14. mark sobeck says:

    I have a c-1000 home theater the high voltage high current lights went on and I have no volume, what do you think is wrong and an approximate price for repair please

  15. kathy hiebert says:

    i need a stanley 8v 025a bulb for my carver m-500t where can i buy it

  16. john says:

    looking for info on older carver c1000a receiver which is a 6.1 & would like copy of owners manual please. thanks, reply

  17. Kevin says:

    I own a avr100 in great shape was wondering if it’s worth anything?

  18. Andy says:

    Does anybody know where I could get a Carver HR-772 (1994 vintage) receiver repaired near Central Oregon or somewhere I could send it?

  19. Brian says:

    Looking for the main power transformer for carver 2000

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