Carver Preamp/Tuner

Posted by Mark

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  1. michael says:

    I have a Carver ct27v preamp/tuner. I would like to know what model remote this unit takes. I purchased it without. And also will a unit from another unit..ex. ct26v work? Thank You Kindly..Michael M.

  2. dave says:

    I would like to know if the ct 27v has a sub output?

  3. jim swon says:

    i have a c16 carver preamp. the volume control seems to be going bad. what’s the problem and how can i get it fixed.

  4. Len Woehler says:

    I have a Carver PSC-60 Sonic Holography/ ACCD Tuner/Preamplifier. The manual shows a remote controller for this unit. Can I still find one in the market place? If not, what is a good alternative?

    Len Woehler

  5. Scott Lee says:

    I have owned a CT-23 since purchased new, and it has been completely reliable and as “sonically accurate” as my ears can tell. It spent about 12 years pushing JBL L-7’s through a soundcraftsmen 2 x 450M, and the last 8 or so thropugh a Carver A760x :-). Awesome stuff; email me if you want a photo (has handles, mounted in a fake oak cabinet).


  6. Gary Egge says:

    I own a carver receiver, AVR100 , do not see one listed in you site. Well I have had since new in 1987. works fine to this day, a bit of sign of dusty controls, nothing a little that a little cleaning is needed , My question is I want to keep and want to add what ever I need to make into sound surround for theater affect, I know I need more power also. Do you have any suggestions?
    Any comments would be appreciated.

  7. Wayne S says:

    need help with a Carver CT-26V preamp/tuner. “Speaker off” cuts volume to the headphones as well. The auto tune is slightly off station. Anyone have experience with problems associated with this preamp/tuner?

  8. steven L says:

    Hi I have a Carver C-1 that needs the resistor modification to work properly with my Hafler amp and my very efficient Definitive Studio Monitor 450’s

    I have the manual and I can change the resistance to -9 D.B. to have the volume not max out so early. I really need to change the resistance to more like -18 or -21 D.B. to get this preamp working fine with my speakers. I can get the resistors no problem but need the specs of the resistors that replace the other 4. So I need the code set for -18 D.B. I just can’t double the resistance of -9 D.B. that does not work. I had the info written down and accidently tossed it out with some old papers. HELP PLEASE ANYONE!! Thanks Steven Level

  9. Stixx says:

    I need to order a replacement remote control for a Carver HTR 880 home theater receiver. I have replaced the batteries already and it still does not work. Thanks

  10. Randy Morgan / All Service Musical says:

    We are a repair shop in Portland, OR w/a customer unit w/ a faulty power switch. We are seeking Price & Availability on a Power Switch for a Carver C-1 serial # C1 22463.

  11. Zoltán Barkász says:

    I have a Carver CT-6 Tuner and preamplifier.
    The Power Transformer PT951 Carver part N° NPT-29045 is burnt out.
    I asked Carver Audio repair but they answered that they do not sell spare parts. To send the CT-6 to the USA from Argentina, to install a new transformer is a difficult, long time and risky thing.
    Can you inform me where can I buy a new transformer?
    I am waiting your kind answer at
    Best Regards
    Zoltán Barkász

  12. JOSEPH TUGLO says:


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