Carver C-2

Carver C-2
Frequency response -3dB @ 3Hz and 80kHz.
Infrasonic Filter 18dB/Octave below 20Hz, f3 = 15kHz
Equalization +-7dB @ 100Hz/ +-7dB @ 10kHz
Input impedance 100k ohm parallel with 150pf
Output impedance 600 ohm
Phase Response
Left/Right Seperation
Channel to Channel Seperation
Common-Mode Rejection
Mute Level
Maximum Output
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.05%
S/N-IHF A-Weighted
Phono sensitivity for 0.5V@1kHz
MM Phono Overload mV
Phono input capacitance pF
MM S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. 83dB IHF A-Weighted re 5mV @ 47k ohm
MC S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. 77dB IHF A-Weighted re 500uV @ 47k ohm
Tone Controls
Dimensions (HxWxD,inches) 2.55"H, 17.3"W, 9"D
The C-2 preamplifier joins a tradition of excellence. Imagine a sound system in your home utilizing your favorite turntable with either a moving coil of moving magnet phone cartridge being taped by your cassette deck and reel to reel. Now imaging taping from one tape deck to another with the ease of just one click. Then, when you wish to move on to new dimensions, switch to either your digital disc player, your tuner or an extra signal processor at will. All this flexibility is offered by the C-2 with one overriding prime directive: To reproduce your music with absolute sonic purity. This is made possible with the use of the finest quality electronic components, mounted on the highest quality, glass-epoxy circuit boards. The end result is the virtual absence of distortion. The CARVER C-2 preamplifier offers the discriminating audiophile with a relatively moderate budget the opportunity for uncompromised sound and handsome design. Let’s take a ‘guided’ tour of the C-2’s front panel and explore the advantages features this remarkable preamplifier can bring to your system. The Selector switch controls the various signal sources which you may have in your system: turntables with moving magnet and/or moving coil phono cartridges, FM tuner and an auxiliary input that’s perfect for the new generation of Compact Digital Disc players, laser video disc soundtracks or VCRs. You can even hook up the audio output of many computers such as the Commodore 64, Apple of PC sound cards. The tape Monitor switch is normally left off unless you want to listen to a tape of check out how well it’s being recorded. When you wish to play a cassette or open reel tape, simply click the selector from off to Tape source 1 or 2. Ergonomically, this is a far easier approach to signal selection than the traditional ‘Tape Monitor’ and ‘Dubbing’ buttons often stuck off to the side of the regular controls. A special Mode switch allows listening in mono, stereo, reversed-phase stereo, left-only and right-only modes. This allows enjoyment of classic monophonic transcriptions and provides a quick way of checking speaker phasing and turntable/cartridge performance. In between these two signal selection buttons is a Headphone plug which allows you to enjoy the new breed of high-performance individual listening devices. Unlike some preamplifiers, this is not an underpowered afterthought. The C-2 lets you add headphone extensions of up to fifty feed and even pair up two sets of headphones without less of volume of degradation of sound quality. The C-2’s Bass and Treble Tone Knobs control equalization circuits which allow carefully planned increases and decreases in the overall sound spectrum. They are designed to boost and cut at the outer edges of the bass and treble frequency range without major effect to the midrange areas. After the self-explanatory Balance control are four switches controlling various important functions. If you are not in need of equalization, a corresponding switch is provided which totally disengages the circuitry for ‘flat’ response. An External Processor Loop switch lets you add and enjoy equalizers, expanders, special speaker EQ boxes, open-ended noise reduction units or our own C-9 Sonic Hologram Generator. The mute control lets you cut off sound output without changing the volume control during record changes, telephone calls or while listening to headphones only. Additional specialized circuits are accessed from the back of the C-2 as well. An Infrasonic Filter circuit helps protect your speakers from power-robbing, ultra-low bass distortions caused by turntable resonance, warped records, acoustic feedback and other ‘real world’ problems. Next to the phono inputs are a second set of sockets which allow precise control of Phono Cartridge Loading Impedances. By adding or subtracting resistance values with special plugs, your cartridge and connecting cable can be balanced to sound their best without peakiness of hollowness caused by improper loading impedance. Two Line Gain Sockets allow a high-level gain choice of 15 or 25 dB to ensure the best possible match with your power amplifier’s input needs. The preamplifier measures 17.3 inches wide, 9 inches deep, 2.55 inches high. Weight approximately 6.5 pounds. Technical excellence aside, the true measure of C-2 is its overall sonic accuracy; rich, musical and totally uncompromised sound delivered in a truly affordable package. Explore the promise and performance of the C-2 at your Carver dealer today.