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Carver C-16

Frequency response 1-60kHz+0,-0.3dB
Maximum Output 7 V
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01 %
S/N-IHF A-Weighted 97
Phono sensitivity for 0.5V@1kHz 1.5
MM Phono Overload mV 135
Phono input capacitance pF 150
MM S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. 100
MC S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. 89
Tone Controls Individual L/R 2-band Spectral Tilt
Inputs 5 audio
Dimensions (HxWxD,inches) 4.25x19x10
Comments Sonic Holography with Blend
Preamplifier with Sonic Holography. 5 audio inputs including MM and MC phono. Sonic hologram generator with blend control. Individual L/R tone controls W/variable mover. Spectral tilt full range tone control. Dual external processor loops. Dual tape monitors W/dubbing. Headphone output W/speaker defeat switch.

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Comments on 'C-16' (3)

  1. rod stone says:

    hi, could you recommend please the ideal pre-amp to match my 1.5t power amp,at present im using a c3! thankyou rod stone>dancer666@slingshot.co.nz

  2. Sarai says:

    I needed to realcpe my year-old Sony so I was pretty discouraged when I started my search. I was pretty much settled on the Pioneer and was researching reviews on the net when I stumbled on the Audio Technica AT-PL60 reviews that were so positive. So I switched and researched the PL-60 and decided to buy. Don’t let the low price scare you off! It Sounds way better than my Sony which cost three times as much. It took two minutes to set up to my system and my vinyl came to life again! Family, Love and the Electric Prunes never sounded so good! I would Highly agree with the other reviewers that this is the best turntable under $300!

  3. Brent says:

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement selector knob for the C-16? Mine broke. Thanks

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