Carver C-15v

Frequency response 20 20kHz +-0.5dB
Input impedance 50K ohms
Output impedance 50K ohms
Maximum Output 7V
S/N-IHF A-Weighted > 85dB
Phono sensitivity for 0.5V@1kHz 1.0mV
MM Phono Overload mV 120mV
Phono input capacitance pF 470pf
MM S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. > 78dB
Dimensions (HxWxD,inches) 4.4 x 19 x 15
Carver created the C-15v to satisfy discerning music lovers who wish to incorporate state-of-the-art vide and true multi-room capabilities into an uncompromising music listening system. To accommodate high-quality video requirements, the C-15v has three standard (composite) video inputs and outputs, and an S-video input and output. Advanced Dolby Pro Logic Surround has adjustable delay times and automatic input balancing, while powerful digital signal processing provides five surround modes to simulate virtually any cinema environment or concert hall. Carvers exclusive Vocal Zoom equalization enhances dialog presence to ensure full impact and crisp intelligibility at any playback volume. When the video screen goes dark, the C-15v still shines in every respect. Eight audio inputs are provided, including a superb phono input stage fro savoring sounds from your vinyl treasury. The C-15v attends to other audio desires with a separate subwoofer output, motor-driven master volume, external processor loop, and completely independent dual zone listening capability. Carvers Multi-room Kit extends remote control into other rooms, while the RC-5 remote bus allows operation of source components (Carver SD/S-360 and TDR-1550, many VCRs and laserdisc players) through the C-15vs remote transmitter from anywhere in the home! When coupled to a fine multi-channel power amplifier such as Carvers AV-405, the C-15v presents the best of both worlds. The confirmed audiophile loses nothing, while the home theater connoisseur gains new dimensions of listening and viewing pleasure.

• Removable rack handles for 17” width.
• 8 audio inputs, 3 composite video inputs, 1 S-video input.
• 3 composite video outputs and 1 S-video output.
• Multi-room input selector.
• Subwoofer output.
• Pre-programmed RC-5 remote control.
• Exclusive Vocal ZoomTM for dialog enhancement.
• External processor loop.

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10 thoughts on “C-15v

  1. Hello, I own a Carver C-15v preamplifier and I would like to find the remote controller and manuals for it. Could you provide me with the model number for the remote so I could search for it Please, Thanks.

  2. It is “Remote Control Unit RH-15v ”
    I have the original manual if you have trouble finding it.

  3. I have a C-15v that I purchased when I lived overseas, I am now back in US and I’d like to convert from 240VAC to 120VAC. Are there any schematics or instructions on how to do it available?? Thank you.



  4. I have a C-15v that has never, ever given me any problems, for over 14 years. However, Just about a week ago, I noticed that evry source of music only makes its way to the speakers but only when the PHONO input button is selected, and the sound in not even any good. Is there anything I am missing? (not sure if the kids have pushed anything)

  5. I want to buy this item. Please tell me THE website that i buy it.
    I am waiting for your answer. Thank you .

  6. Hi there, i have this carver C-15V pre amp. I am wondering how to do multi room setup on this preamp? I ve input to LD input from the player, then i try to connect to another pre amp from this multi out but no sound heard. Do you have any manuals book for Carver C-15V? Thank you for your reply

  7. I have a C-15v with remote that I bought this used. There seems to be very little supporting information for it on the internet. I’m looking for a copy of the owners manual and service manual. If anyone has a copy available, please let me know.

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