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Carver TL-3200

Decoding system 16-bit/8x
Output filtration Analog
Frequency Response 5Hz-20kHz +- 0.2dB
S/N-IHF A-weighted 100
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.005 %
Disc capacity 1
Programmable selections 32
Dimensions (HxWxD,inches) 3.5x19x12
Comments DTL
16 bits/8x oversampling remote control TTL compact disc player. 352.8 KHZ 16 bit oversampling. Dual D/A converters. Digital time lens sound enhancement circuitry. 32 track programming W/10 – key front panel input. Random play. Delete programming. Intro scan. Search, repeat, skip, scan functions. Full function, random access remote W/volume control. Remote compatibility W/Carver receivers.

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Comments on 'TL-3200' (2)

  1. SINISTER says:

    looking for the power button and remote for the tl 3200 cd player, let me know if anyone can help or at least the model number for the remote, thanx

  2. SINISTER says:

    i mean 3220 cd player

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