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Decoding system Single bit
Output filtration Analog
Frequency Response 5Hz-20kHz +- 0.5dB
S/N-IHF A-weighted 100
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.005%
Disc capacity 10
Programmable selections 32
Dimensions (HxWxD,inches) 4.6x19x14.75
Comments Magazine loading. Soft EQ. Coax Digital
Remote Control 10-CD Changer with Linear Single Bit D/A Converter and Soft EQ. Uses Carver TLM-10 pop-in magazines (1 included). 32-track multi-disc programming. Calendar type programming display. Intro Scan. 10-disc random play. Single bit D/A conversion for accurate retrieval of low-level musical detail. Carver’s exclusive Soft EQ sound enhancement circuitry for improved tonal balance and spacial ambience. Search, repeat, skip, scan functions. Full-function random access remote control. Time Edit taping feature to make the most of tape space. Headphone jack with variable output. Additional TLM-10 Magazines sold separately.

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Comments on 'SD/A-370' (5)

  1. Stan says:

    Hello. I need a 10 disc cartridge for a Carver SD/A 370. Does anyone know where one would be available?
    Much appreciated!

  2. sean allen says:

    I am looking for the same. Did you have any luck?


  3. Mark C Gannon says:

    I have one for sale. Just curious, how much should a sda370 go for these days with remote and magazine?

  4. Chris Cogdall says:

    I’d b interested in the remote if u ever want 2 sell it

  5. Jim Freeman says:

    hi i really need to know and purchase a remote for the sd/a370 10 cd player. any info.. which one works.. the original number?

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