Carver SDA-490t
Decoding system Single bit
Output filtration Analog/Digital
Frequency Response 10Hz-20kHz +-0.2dB
S/N-IHF A-weighted 100
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.5%
Disc capacity 1
Programmable selections 24
Dimensions (HxWxD,inches) 3.8x19x12.25
Comments Motorized Volume. Soft EQ. Coax & Optical. Vacuum tube output.
Linear Single-Bit Reference Compact Disc Player with Vacuum Tube Output Section. Classic tube technology combined with the latest single bit D/A conversion, working together to provide the most accurate, natural sound ever in a CD player. Yet it costs much less than other tubed CD players that have less technological innovation. Two 6DJ8 tubes in analog output stage. Automatic 30 second standby mode during tube preheat. Carver's exclusive Soft EQ sound enhancement for improved tonal balance and spacial ambience. Variable output level with motorized volume control. 24-track programming from 20-button front panel or remote keypad. Calendar-type programming display. Random 'shuffle" play. 4-way repeat. Variable-length (2-10 seconds) fade. NB-side Time Edit taping feature to make the most of tape space. Index programming. Optical and coaxial digital outputs. Additional fixed-gain analog output. Full-function remote control. Headphone jack.