Carver CD Players

Posted by Mark

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  1. Andres Sainz says:

    I have two of your components one is a cd player and the other a preamp does your organization still service them or use outside sources.

  2. Mary Favier says:

    Hi, I have a model DTL-200 and it is Disc Error mode. I am unable to open the drawer manually or remotely. Any idea where I could get this repaired in the St. Louis area?

  3. ED SHYKIND says:

    If you still have the player, try turning it on and press open. If it does not open push the drawer backwards sharply a few times. It may help the drive belt to engage. If you do get it open, take the front end and push the drawer in and out but not totally in. This may loosen the drive belt or possibly the grease on the drive itself. It may take a few pushes to get some reaction.

  4. nathan friddle says:

    for sale: carver tl-3100 compact disc player, carver td-1700 3 head cassette deck, carver tx-11 tuner. all working and in great shape. ill sell
    all togather or seperate. offers are welcome.

  5. nathan friddle says:

    contact nathan at i can send pics via email.

  6. Bud Herda says:

    I need a drive belt for a Carver DTL 200 mkz disc player. Can you help me find where I can purchase one?

  7. Nate says:

    I have several Carver 10 Disc Magazines/Cartridges available. Any interest?

  8. george mcgrath says:

    lookin to buy carver sda 370 but needs magazine tlm 10 i think, and maybe remote. plz advise

  9. Tony Martin says:


    I have an extensive collection of Carver units.

    I am trying to locate a motor loading belt for a Carver 5 CD player MV-5.

    Can you possibly assist me where I could souce one of these belts from.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards, Tony Martin

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