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Freq response w/best tape 20Hz-18Khz +- 3dB
S/N w/best noise red. 75
Noise Reduction Type B/C/HX Pro
Wow & Flutter A-weighted 0.05%
Dimensions (HxWxD,inches) 5.25x19x12.5
Comments Remote control. Auto-reverse
Auto-Reverse Remote Control Cassette Deck. Quick-reverse optical sensor system. Dolby HX Pro for increased high frequency headroom. Dolby B/C Noise Reduction. Adjustable bias. Dual fluorescent meters. Digital real time tape counter. High conductivity oxygen-free REC/PLAY head core. MPX FM taping filter. Auto tape type select. Memory rewind and repeat. Peak reading system to adjust recording level to optimum settings. Feather touch logic transport controls. Headphone jack with level control. Full function remote control. Record mute. Timer operation. Music Search.

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  1. victor jensen says:

    I need replacement knobs for my carver tape deck tdr-1550

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