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8-ohm FTC rated power/ch 375 W
4-ohm FTC rated power/ch 500 W
2-ohm dynamic power/ch 560 W
Bridged mono power 1000 W
4/8-ohm FTC rated THD 0.5 %
Rated full power bandwidth 20-20kHz
S/N-IHF A-Weighted,dB 110
Slew Rate 180
Dimensions (HxWxD inches) 3.5x19x10.5
Comments Stereo
Simultaneous High Current / High Voltage Magnetic Field Power Amplifier. Our most powerful stereo amplifier designs with your choice of power output displays, that TFM – 42 and TFM – 45 can bring any speaker system under tight, authoritative control, yet with the warmth that rivals tube designs. Silver seven transfer function modified. 375 watts RMS / channel into 8 ohms, 20 – 20 KHZ with no more than 0.5% THD. 500 watts RMS / channel into 4 ohms, 20-20 KHZ with no more than 0.5% THD. 1000 watts bridged mono. TFM – 45 features analog power meters.

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Comments on 'TFM-45' (2)

  1. Charles R. Mackley says:


    I own 2 tfm 45 power amplifiers. I will hold on to them until someone
    rips them from my dead body. However, one of them has developed a 60 cycle
    hum and its left channel needs a little tweaking. I live in the “Baltimore
    Area”. Surely you can recommend someone in this area to do the servicing,

    Thank you very much
    Charles R. Mackley

  2. joe lopez says:

    i have a question about the power consumption that it draws out from a regular 110 socket.
    in the apartmant where i live at, i plugged it in, it turned on, lit up but soon as the transformer kicked in, boom, my breaker trips.
    took it to get checker, the repair guy says that the wall outlit might be too weak or bresker too low/
    What is ur take on that??
    I do have a tfm-45 model.

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