Silver Seven-t

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Carver Silver Seven-t

8-ohm FTC rated power/ch 575 W
4-ohm FTC rated power/ch 900 W
2-ohm dynamic power/ch 1180 W
4/8-ohm FTC rated THD 0.5 %
Rated full power bandwidth 20-20kHz
S/N-IHF A-Weighted,dB > 100
Slew Rate 300
Dimensions (HxWxD inches) 7×11.5×14.5
Comments Mono – 2 required for stereo
Simultaneous High Current/High Voltage Monoblock Reference Magnetic Field Power Amplifier. Sets new standards for sonic quality and robust output at any impedance. Silver Seven Transfer Function Modified. 575 Watts into 8 ohms, 20-20kHz with no more than 0.5% THD. 900 Watts into 4 ohms, 20-20kHz with no more than 0.5% THD. 1000 Watts into 2 ohms, 20-20kHz with no more than 0.5% THD. Analog power meter. 2 required for stereo. Capable of high output into very low impedance loads for sustained periods. We invite you to send for a free White Paper explaining the need for simultaneous high current and high voltage and including comparative power/impedance curves detailing this design’s astonishing output.

Review of the Silver Seven
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Comments on 'Silver Seven-t' (3)

  1. Todd Goff says:

    I’m looking for a Carver Silver Seven t power amp. I have one and I always wanted a pair. I also have a Carver M1.5 power amp that needs to be repaired.

  2. Larrydurante says:

    I have one in pristine condition. Only used for one year. Put in closet for 20. Have all original box packing.

  3. My phone number is 3154472235

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