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Carver A-400x

8-ohm FTC rated power/ch 200 W
4-ohm FTC rated power/ch 300 W
Bridged mono power 500 W
4/8-ohm FTC rated THD <0.01%
Input Impedance (Line) 47 kohms
Input Sensitivity 1.4V
Gain 29dB
Rated full power bandwidth 20-20kHz
S/N-IHF A-Weighted,dB >115dB
Dimensions (HxWxD inches) 4.5x19x15.7 (with handles)
Comments 25lbs
The A-400x is worthy of distinction in every respect. With its no nonsense styling approach, nothing else in its price range offers such a persuasive combination of abundant power reserves, ultra – detailed transient reproduction, and authoritative deep bass response. Inside, you’ll find some of the world’s most advanced amplifier circuits, providing 200 watts per channel (8 ohms) with the level of sonic purity unmatched by any other amplifier in its price range. We recommend the A-400x for main speakers and home theater systems, or for forceful subwoofer sound in mono mode.

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Comments on 'A-400x' (12)

  1. Ed Rizzo says:

    where are the M series amps
    I havbe a M-400a

  2. Mark says:

    I’m pretty sure I have that and I’ll take it as a request. 🙂

  3. David says:

    What is bridging mono power? Also, how do you bridge? And what does it mean to bi-amp., and can this Carver A-400X be bridgeable and bi-amped?

  4. Glen Reaux says:

    I’m in need of two carver amps, let’s make a deal.

    Thanks, Glen

  5. John Rora says:

    I have a Carver A400x amp with about 30 hours on it (wife didn’t like surround-idiot) Also have manual. I am wondering what it’s current value is.

  6. […] A-400X stereo amplifier The A-400X was the affordable powerhouse amp of 1996. Beneath that ugly faceplate lies brute power: 200 watts […]

  7. […] A-400X stereo amplifier The A-400X was the affordable powerhouse amp of 1996. Beneath that ugly faceplate lies brute power: 200 watts […]

  8. jim lynch says:

    hi all
    specs dont say how many channels! reading john rora, I think I can assume at least 5. I need only 5. is this a 5-channel amp? who has one at a good price for me?

    many thanks,

  9. duchene says:


    I have a new state carver a 400 x thx power amplifier.
    I dont know the regular price.
    If you know can you send me a mail.

  10. Umair says:

    Hi I have question does this amp get really hot. I have a pair of KEF q7’s and I want the
    To biamp them with this amplifier and onkyo 609. Is this a good musical amp. I have heard it gets burning hot.

  11. Chuckster says:

    Carvers aren’t ‘burning hot’ amps…it’s not the way Carver designed/designs them. If anything, it’s a quite a bit cooler-running than ‘class A’ amps of the same power range…I know, I had a Pioneer SPEC-4 and the Carver both. Once.

    BTW, if ANYONE has a good M400a Cube amp and / or a Phase Linear 4000 MKl (with the joystick for front/rear spkrs) and is willing to trade for some DJ-quality amps and a Carver SS pre/tuner, please let me know at cmk59@yahoo.com. Thanks!!!

  12. Justin says:

    I am looking for a A400x. Where can I get one?

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