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I started college in August and my studies + work was taking up most of my time. I have my last final on Friday and then I can work on the site until school starts again. I have 50-60 sets of specs to post and then my spec stash is exhausted. I plan on having them all posted before I go back to school.

Thanks for your support. I love the comments, keep them coming.


I'm re-doing the back end stuff so it's easier to update and modify. I didn't realize just how big this was going to get.

Thanks for all the comments.

The Data

There's a huge amount of data to go through and I'm still figuring out how to present it.

The specs Carver presented changed over the years. I'm putting all this data into a database and then pushing it out with code. Each new spec sheet adds a challenge to that.

I want to put pictures in too so I want to start working on that before things get too big. I already have 60+ models entered and I have to go back and redo things which isn't fun but it is necessary.

I welcome any comments or suggestions.