Carver AL-III Plus

Anechoic Frequency Response: 34 Hz to 20 kHz +- 3dB
Impedance Nominal 4 ohms
Sensitivity 86 dB ref. to 1 watt at 1 meter
Crossover 150 Hz
Ribbon Driver 48-inch dipole ribbon
Woofer 10-inch Quasi-butterworth 3rd order aligned downward firing woofer system
Recommended Power Up to 600 watts per channel - 65 watts minimum
Net Weight 80 lbs. each
Dimensions 14.5Wx16.5Dx72.5H

The AL-III Plus is quite simply one of the best sounding loudspeakers in the world. It's unusual styling, magnificent audio imaging and affordable price make the AL-III Plus one of the best loudspeaker values as well. A recent magazine profile pointed out, when comparing the AL-III Plus with other much more expensive speakers; "With a 48" ribbon dipole and a 10" down firing subwoofer the AL-III Plus has an exquisite sound that is just, quite simply, second to none."

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