Carver C-19

Frequency response 1-60kHz+0,-0.3dB
Maximum Output 7 V
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.07 %
S/N-IHF A-Weighted 85
Phono sensitivity for 0.5V@1kHz 1.5
MM Phono Overload mV 100
Phono input capacitance pF 150
MM S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. 86
MC S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. 82
Tone Controls Individual L/R 2-band Spectral Tilt
Inputs 5 audio
Dimensions (HxWxD,inches) 5x19x10
Comments GDJ8 tubes in 3 stages
Hybrid Vacuum Tube/Solid State Reference Preamplifier. Provides the unmatched natural sound of a tube preamplifier, with the authority and power of solid state. Four 6DJ8 tubes in phono, tone & output stages. 7 inputs including MM phono, MC phono and CD Direct. L/R tone controls w/variable turnover points. Unique Spectral Tilt tone control for precise adjustment of sound to your personal taste. Dual external processor loops. Dual tape monitors w/dubbing. Headphone jack w/speaker defeat switch. Infrasonic filter. Stereo/mono switch. Absolute phase switch. Adjustable line gain control for matching preamplifier output to power amplifier input. 6 convenience outlets. Dual main outputs for choice of tube or solid state output transfer characteristics.
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