Freq response w/best tape 20Hz-19kHz +2/-3dB
S/N w/best noise red. 75
Noise Reduction Type B/C/HX Pro
Wow & Flutter A-weighted 0.05 %
Dimensions (HxWxD,inches) 5.25x19x12.5
Comments Remote control. 3-head
3-Head Remote Control Reference Cassette Deck. Carver's ultimate cassette deckl. Dolby HX Pro for increased high frequency headroom. Dolby B/C Noise Reduction. Adjustable bias. Record balance control. Peak reading system to adjust recording level to optimum settings. Dual fluorescent meters. Digital real time tape counter. Super hard Metal Alloy REC/PLAY heads. MPX FM taping filter. Blank Skip. Auto tape type select. REC mute. Instantaneous source/tape monitoring using third head. Memory rewind and repeat. Feather touch logic controls. Headphone jack. Full-function remote. Timer operation. Programmable play function. Quick music search. Auto music search.
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