Carver M-500t

8-ohm FTC rated power/ch 251W
4-ohm FTC rated power/ch 450W
2-ohm dynamic power/ch 500W
Bridged mono power 700W at 8 ohms
Input Impedance (Line) 15K ohms
Rated full power bandwidth +0. -3dB 1Hz to 100kHz
S/N-IHF A-Weighted,dB > 120 dB IHF A-weighted
Slew Rate >200
Dimensions (HxWxD inches) 3.5x17.5x12.5
Comments Peak responding meters; 5 msec attack, 1 sec decay.
Protection:Short circuit, thermal shutdown, DC offset.

Why you need more amplifier power. If you think two hundred and fifty watts a channel with peak reserves of up to 700 watts is overkill, read on. You'll change your mind. The reasons are logical and ultimately surprising.

Power is not loudness. Certainly to play music at high sound levels, speakers do require more power. But we are talking high fidelity, not sound reinforcement. Assume you don't intend to play your music any louder than you do now when you own a Carver M-500t... the improvement will still be audible.

Low power kills speakers. Not high power. A 40-watt receiver can actually burn out of speaker faster than the M-500t! Here's why.

To produce a bass note, a speaker can take up to 80% of an amps power. If a woofer is to move faster or farther than your receiver can provide power for, the amplifier circuitry generates a high frequency harmonics spike, a sort of electronic "cry of pain" which is routed directly to the tweeter either producing horrible distortion or eventual burn out of the tweeter. Thus the tweeter (and your ears) are punished for the woofer's inability to get power from a weak amp.

Adequate power makes audible difference. While the burned tweeter example is an extreme one, some audible clipping occurs virtually every time a low bass pulse sounds, even at moderate listening levels. The strike of a floor tom, beat of a tympani or snap of a Fender bass all can draw short peaks of over 500 watts per channel. When you're modestly powered amplifier can't handle it, there are audible consequences.

Prove it to yourself by auditioning good speakers with the Carver M-500t and any hundred watt unit. It won't take a golden ear to hear the tight, crisp bass notes and the sudden absence of annoying high end distortion you previously accepted as a normal part of music: The M-500t's power is freeing your entire signal chain from the tyranny of insufficient power!

And if the new digital compact discs excite you, healthy power reserves are mandatory. Digital technologies tremendously expanded dynamic range taxes the best conventional amps and makes many more obsolete.

Why you'll want the Carver model M-500t magnetic field power amplifier. If you're wisely sold on the electronic and sonic benefits of generous power resources, now we'll explain why you needn't invest in a massive arc welder power amp to satisfy those needs.

While the M-500t is a bit larger than our remarkable M-400t cube amp, it weighs just 22 pounds. Less than some preamps!

No cooling fans vent its backside; no extruded fins protrude; the unit runs barely warm to the touch.

In contrast, conventional amps continually court meltdown by converting up to 60% of their energy into heat. The M-500t transforms fully 80% of its energy into usable audio energy. Thanks to a more advanced, more elegant, and more practical approach to the design of power supply sections. Gone are the coffee can sized capacitors, massive power transformers and gigantic heatsinks found in old style high power amps costing thousands of dollars.

In their place is a patented, compact magnetic field coil, which stores and controls energy, eliminating all the need for heavy, costly parts required by the very best traditional designs.

Instead of two mono amps with dual transformers, capacitors, etc., each channel of the M-500t can actually borrow unused power from the other channel during peak loads. Indeed, the M-500t . Can be operated as a 700-watt mono amp without any special switching!

Conventional amplifiers are crude next to the M-500t's micro-computer monitor system. Instead of controlling input stages, causing delays and distortion, the M-500t's computer acts as a final gate, just before the speaker terminals, for instant overload protection. Thus sonic perfection stands no risk of being marred even while fully protecting your valuable loudspeakers against potential damage.

Dual, lighted, precision VU-ballistic meters provide a musically accurate picture of power output averaging yet react instantaneously important transients.

We made sure the M-500t has a completely neutral signal path, transparent and sonic character, resulting in zero listener fatigue. First compare the power, musicality and accuracy of the M-500t to any traditional amplifier may.

You'll be impressed by the superb, colorless sound of the cool, unruffled, light-heavy-weight. M-500t.

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